10 Things You Didn't Know About...
Sarah Webb

  1. My favourite colour is raspberry pink – the walls in my study were pink for ages but it looked liked Barbie's Magical Kingdom so they're white now. But my curtains are pink!
  2. I can touch the end of my nose with my tongue.
  3. I sang Dancing Queen by Abba to my little sister at her wedding. Then I fell off the table. We have it all on video too!
  4. I have a special proof copy of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, dedicated to me. I met JK Rowling at a dinner and she signed it for me. How cool is that?!
  5. I'm obsessed with husky dogs and want to go on a husky safari with my son.
  6. My favourite food is ice cream – with whipped cream on top. Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Yum!
  7. I carve a mean Hallowe'en pumpkin.
  8. I adore karaoke, even though I can't sing.
  9. I'm addicted to notebooks. I always have at least one in my bag, one beside my bed, and another in the kitchen. You never know when a good idea is going to strike.
  10. I couldn't read until I was nine and now I'm a full time writer. Just goes to show, the world's a funny place and anything's possible if you want it badly enough.