I absolutely loved this book, once I managed to wrestle if from my daughter who couldn't put it down. It's wise and funny and clever, and perfectly captures the way young teens live today.
Judi Curtin, author of the Alice and Megan series

I grew to really care about Amy as a character and her teen aunt, Clover made me laugh out loud. Sarah Webb has got the rollercoaster ride of highs, lows and the in betweens of teenage life down to a T. A great fun read.
Cathy Hopkins, author of the Truth, Dare and the Mates, Dates series

Amy Green is a GREAT book. It always keeps you turning the pages. It's a fantastic book and I'm looking forward to the sequel!
Kate, 13

OMG - this is the best book EVA. Had me ROFL.
Annie, 13

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