Behind the scenes

Like the other Ask Amy Green books, Love and Other Drama-Ramas is set in South County Dublin, where I grew up and still live. Amy lives with her family in Glenageary, which is a lovely area very close to my house. She lives in a fictional estate called Sycamore Park.

However there are particular places and buildings mentioned in the book that really exist.

1. Killiney Beach
This is a beautiful beach about three miles from my house. It's part sandy, part stony and I love walking along it alone, staring out to sea and thinking up new book ideas.

It's also where Bailey surfs. In fact, it's not a great surfing beach at all unfortunately, the waves aren't strong enough, but for the story, I made it a good surfing beach. That's what they call artistic licence!

Here's a picture of me on Killiney beach that my mum took recently, thanks, Mum!

2. Martello Towers
There were roughly fifty Martello Towers built all along the east coast of Ireland (and parts of the UK also), and many of them still remain today. They were built in the 19th century to protect Ireland from the French. The Irish writer, James Joyce, stayed in one in Sandycove in fact, where he based some of his famous book, Ulysses.

I've always loved Martello Towers - they're so strong and majestic looking.

In Love and Other Drama-Ramas Amy arranges to meet Seth at the Martello Tower on Killiney Beach at a crucial part of the book.

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