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All About
Amy Green

Age: 13
Date of Birth: April 30th
Address: 15 Sycamore Park, Glenageary, Co Dublin
Best friend: Mills Starr
School: St John's College, Blackrock, Co Dublin
What does she look like: Amy is almost five foot with shoulder length dark blonde hair and blue eyes.

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Family Tree
Parents: It's a little complicated – Amy lives with her mum, Sylvie, 37, and her mum's boyfriend, Dave. Sylvie used to write for an Irish soap opera, Dave is a nurse.
Amy's dad, Art, 43, a trader, lives with his much younger girlfriend, Shelly (his ex-secretary no less) in Castleknock, Dublin 15.
Siblings: Amy has a little brother and sister, Alex and Evie (18 months and 3 months old – both tiny and very annoying at times!)
Gramps, Amy's grampa is 65 and lives in Killiney with Clover

Boyfriend: Now you're talking. The lovely Seth Stone, 14. More below.

My Fave Things

10 Things you didn't know about...
Amy Green

  1. She can touch her nose with her tongue.
  2. She can't whistle.
  3. She can say the alphabet backwards in less than 5 seconds.
  4. She keeps a list of every book she reads and every movie she sees (like Sarah!). It's a long list.
  5. She's very good at maths.
  6. Star sign: Taurus
  7. Fave colour: Silver
  8. Fave music: She likes fun, bobby guitar music with good, sing-along lyrics.
  9. Fave animal: Dog. She used to have a black Lab called Timmy but he died. She'd love another dog but Dave, her sort of step-dad is allergic. One day...
  10. Fave movie star: He's a bit oldsville, but she still adores the man, the legend, the Johnny Deppster